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:wrench: Work in progress task management

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Poor mans attempt to build something like Taskwarrior, but less restrictive and with Windows support


Tasks are difficult to handle for humans and everyone seems to handle them differently. I want minion to be flexible, so I try to provide and interface to let minion do its work and implement some defaults that can be tweaked individually.

My minion should be a commandline tool that helps me structuring my work. As such, it is intended to be a single person, local machine application without a fancy GUI.


I will assume that there are two kinds of structures that my minion will handle: Items and Collections thereof.

An Item can be something like a task, a habit, a note, a checklist entry or whatever. By default it will be stored as a plain text file, so it can be easily manipulated by anybody else. Every Item has (at least) the following fields:

  • Heading
  • Description
  • Collection it belongs to
  • Position in the collection, for ordering
  • Creation date/time
  • Last change date/time
  • Additional information, which is a key-value store of whatever you want

A Collection contains Items and adds ordering and a name to them. A collection has (at least) the following fields:

  • Name
  • Creation date/time
  • Last change date/time
  • Archive flag, to exclude it from being rendered as active
  • Archive date/time


  • Task and Collection interfaces
  • Reading/Writing tasks from/to JSON|TOML|Markdown|Textile|AsciiDoc
  • TermUI Dashboard
  • Output customization with go templates
  • Item and Collection hooks that get triggered on events in the Item/Collection
  • Storage backends other than the file system, like git (e.g. like git-appraise) or Redis or whatever
  • rkt/docker image to keep items and collections in a single container