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Luzifer / badge-gen

Ever ran into this scenario? You wanted to add a link to something to your GitHub project using a nice button like the Godoc or the Travis-CI button but you was not able to find a button for this having the text you wanted? I did. I wanted to add a button “API Documentation” to one of my projects and did not find any button with that caption. So I wrote it myself.

And I wasn’t myself if I would allow me to do the same work twice or more often so I wrote a small webserver able to generate those buttons with a customizable text in SVG (I did not care about older browser since long ago)…


Using my version

Simple use the raw-API URL below or one of the URLs listed on the demo page:

Parameters title and text are free-text strings while color has to be 3- or 6-letter hex notation for colors like that one you use in CSS.

To embed them into Markdown pages like this


Using your own hosted version

  • There is a Docker container for it. Just start it and use your own URL
  • You also can download the binary from and use that one

Popular buttons rebuilt

Hint: To get the source just look into the source of this

godoc reference API Documentation gratipay support gitter chat achievement

Yeah, sure you even could fake your Travis-CI build status but seriously: Why should you do that? Shame on you if you do!