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Luzifer / gimme_ec2

gimme_ec2 is a small utility to start up an EC2-Classic instance, SSH into it and shutting it down again after the SSH connection is closed gracefully. The main purpose for me to write it was I sometimes need a machine to do things with a good internet connection or to test things on a plain Linux machine (maybe in the USA or other countries).

Basically this is a “SSH me into a throw-away-instance”-utility


  • By default start newest Ubuntu 15.10 AMI (AMIs are fetched on startup)
  • Bring-your-own-AMI: You can start every AMI supporting SSH access
  • The utility takes care about creating a security group and the machine, then waits for SSH to become available
  • Resume your previous machine based on name matching (use --no-shutdown flag)
  • By default the utility takes care about removing the instance after you close your connection


# Usage of ./gimme_ec2:
      --image="ami-3455d547": Image to launch the EC2 instance from
      --instance-name="gimme-ec2-instance": Name of the instance for later resume
      --instance-type="m3.large": Type of the instance to start
  -k, --key-name="": SSH key name to access the EC2 instance (must already exist)
      --no-shutdown[=false]: Leave instance running for resuming connection later
      --region="eu-west-1": Region to start the EC2 in
      --security-group="gimme-ec2-security": Name of the EC2 security group to start the instance with
      --ssh-port=22: SSH port to use (default is 22)
      --ssh-wait="2m": How long to wait for SSH connection to become available
  -u, --user="ubuntu": User to use for SSH connection
      --version[=false]: Print version and exit

You need to set typical AWS environment variables, by example using awsenv:

# awsenv run private -- gimme_ec2 -k mykey
2016/04/17 15:37:52 Started instance i-acbc1c20 with hostname, trying to open SSH connection now...
Welcome to Ubuntu 15.10 (GNU/Linux 4.2.0-35-generic x86_64)

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