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  • Go言語で開発
  • sakuと設定ファイル互換
  • cacheは非互換(sakuで使ってるファイルの一部を使っていないため)だが変換コマンドで対応可能
  • ポータブル:各プラットフォーム別に実行ファイル1個
  • 省メモリ(ざっくりsakuの7割~5割くらい?)
  • 速度は早いかもしれない。


  1. ここから自分のOSの実行バイナリダウンロード、展開
  2. ./shingetsu-gouで実行
  3. ブラウザでhttp://localhost:8000/をアクセス
  4. uPnP/NAT-PMPでポートを自動で開ける努力はしますが、不可の場合、スレに書き込めません。朔同様自分でポートを開けてください。


  1. ここから自分のOSの実行バイナリダウンロード、展開
  2. 合を実行するディレクトリに実行ファイル(shingetsu-gou)と、朔のcacheディレクトリとmessage-*.txtを除くfileディレクトリをコピー(朔のcache/fileディレクトリは別に残しておくことを推奨します)
  3. ./shingetsu-gouで実行


  1. 合のキャッシュをバックアップ(推奨)
  2. 合の実行ディレクトリで./shingetsu-gou –sakurifice実行
  3. 合のcacheディレクトリとfileディレクトリを朔のディレクトリにコピー


Gou() is a clone of P2P anonymous BBS shinGETsu saku in golang.

shinGETsu is the union of thread float style bulletin board systems (BBS) with running on some servers. Some boards (threads) share data using P2P (peer-to-peer) technology. You can download the software to manage your server.

Refer here for more details about shinGETsu.

Where does the name Gou come from?

The word “Gou(合)” means conjunction in Japanese, when an aspect is an angle the planets make to each other in the horoscope.

Yeah, the sun and moon are in conjunction during the new moon(shingetsu:新月, saku:朔).


  1. Setting files are compatible with ones of saku 4.6.1.
  2. You can use cache of saku without modification, but you cannot use cache of Gou with saku. But there is –sakurifice option to convert Gou cache to saku one.
  3. Gou uses less (about half of ) memory usage than saku.
  4. Portable because there is only one binary file for each platforms and no need to prepare runtime. Just download and click one binary to run.
  5. (should be) faster than saku (?).
  6. Relaying by websocket for NAT users (testing now).


  • MacOS darwin/Plan9 on i386
  • Windows/OpenBSD on i386/amd64
  • Linux/NetBSD/FreeBSD on i386/amd64/arm
  • Solaris on amd64


  • git
  • go 1.4+

are required to compile.


$ mkdir gou
$ cd gou
$ mkdir src
$ mkdir bin
$ mkdir pkg
$ export GOPATH=`pwd`
$ go get

Or you can download executable binaries from here.

Command Options

shingetsu-gou <options>
        makes caches compatible with saku
        suppress logs
  -v    print logs
        print logs

Differences from Original Saku

  1. mch(2ch interface) listens to the same port as admin.cgi/gateway.cgi/serve.cgi/thread.cgi. dat_port setting in config is ignored.
  2. Gou can try to open port by uPnP and NAT-PMP. You can enable this function by setting enable_nat:true in [Gateway] in saku.ini, which is false by default, but is true in attached saku.ini in binary.
  3. URL for 2ch interface /2ch_hoehoe/subject.txt in saku is /2ch/hoehoe/subject.txt in Gou.
  4. files in template directory are not compatible with Gou and Saku. The default template directory name in Gou is “gou_template/“.
  5. Duplicate files are not used. i.e. files below are not used in Gou. If you want to use saku after using Gou to same cache files, you must run gou command once with –sakurifice option before using skau to complement some indispensable files.
    • in cache directory
      • body directory
      • attach directory
      • count.stat
      • dat.stat
      • size.stat
      • stamp.stat
      • validstamp.stat
      • velocity.stat
    • in run directory
      • client.txt
      • node.txt
      • search.txt
      • tag.txt
      • update.txt
  6. dnsname in is same as server_name in saku.ini in Gou.
  7. Gou has moonlight-like function (I believe), heavymoon. Add [Gateway] moonlight:true in saku.ini if you want to use. THIS FUNCTION IS NOT RECOMMENDED because of heavy network load.
  8. Contents of some links are embed into the thread. If you don’t like it you can disable by [Gateway] enable_embed:false.



  • in template/ directory
  • in www/ directory
  • in file/ directory

are embeded into the exexutable binary in If files in file/ dir are not found on your disk, Gou automatically expands these to the disk (but not overwrite). Other files are not expanded. But you can add files to www/ or template/ if you wish. These files will override embded ones.

This is for easy to use Gou; just get a binary, and run it!


MIT License

Original program comes from saku, which is under 2-clause BSD license Copyrighted by 2005-2015 shinGETsu Project.

See also

  • www/bootstrap/css/bootstrap.min.css
  • www/jquery/MIT-LICENSE.txt
  • www/jquery/jquery.min.js
  • www/jquery/jquery.lazy.min.js
  • www/jquery/spoiler/authors.txt


Improvements to the codebase and pull requests are encouraged.