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Tachyon is an experimental configuration management tool inspired by ansible implemented in golang.

Ok.. why?

I find the best way to learn something is to try to implement it. I’m curious about ansible’s model for configuration management and as a fun weekend project began I this project.

Is this usable?

If you need to run some yaml that executes commands via shell/command, sure! Otherwise no. I’ll probably continue to play with it, adding more functionality and fleshing out some ideas I’ve got.

Oohh what ideas?

  • Exploit golang’s single binary module to bootstrap machines and run plays remotely.
  • Use golang’s concurrency to make management of large scale changes easy.
  • Use to do integrated ssh
  • Allow creation of modules via templated tasks

Is that a lisp directory I see?

It is! ansible uses python as it’s implementation lang and thus also uses it as it’s runtime eval language. Obviously I can’t do that and I don’t wish to runtime eval any golang code. Thus I have opted to embed a simple lisp intepreter (taken and modified from to run code. For instance:

name: Tell everyone things are great
action: shell echo wooooo!
when: $(== everything "awesome")

What should I do with this?

Whatever you want. Play around, tell me what you think about it. Send PRs for crazy ass features!